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Brazilian Soccer Player Antony Dropped from National Team Over Domestic Assault Allegations


In recent developments, Brazilian forward Antony, who plays for Manchester United, has been dropped from the national team following allegations of domestic abuse made by his former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin. This scandal has sent shockwaves through the world of sports and raised concerns about the conduct of professional athletes both on and off the field.

The Allegations

The controversy began when Brazilian news outlet UOL reported that Gabriela Cavallin had accused Antony of various forms of abuse during their tumultuous relationship. Some of the allegations include:

Threats of Violence

Cavallin claims that Antony threatened to throw her out of a moving vehicle while driving at a dangerously high speed. Such allegations are deeply concerning and indicate a potential threat to her safety.

Physical Assault

Perhaps the most shocking accusation is that Antony allegedly headbutted Cavallin, resulting in a cut on her head. Furthermore, she alleges that he punched her in the chest, causing damage to her breast implant, which eventually required corrective surgery. These allegations, if proven true, could have severe consequences for the player both professionally and legally.

Attempted Assault with a Glass Bowl

In another disturbing claim, it is reported that Antony attempted to hit Cavallin in the face with a glass bowl. During this altercation, she defended herself, resulting in cuts on her fingers. This incident, if substantiated, raises questions about the player’s anger management and behavior outside of the football field.

The Response

In response to these allegations, the Brazilian football confederation (CBF) made a significant decision. They issued a statement, declaring Antony’s removal from the Brazilian National Team pending a thorough investigation. The CBF’s primary concern is to safeguard the alleged victim and ensure that justice is served.

Antony’s Denial

Antony, however, vehemently denies all accusations. In a statement posted on his social media accounts, he admitted to having a tumultuous relationship with Gabriela Cavallin but insisted that the allegations against him were false. He expressed his respect for his fans, friends, and family and maintained that he had always taken the accusations seriously, cooperating fully with the authorities.

Antony stated, “The police inquest is under cover of justice, and therefore I cannot make its content public. However, I can say with confidence that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced, and more to be produced, show that I am innocent of the accusations made.”

Manchester United’s Response

When approached for comment, Manchester United declined to provide any official statement regarding the allegations against Antony. This situation places the club in a difficult position as they navigate the legal and public relations aspects of the case.

Ongoing Investigations

As of now, the Sao Paulo Police and the Greater Manchester Police are actively investigating the allegations made against Antony. The outcome of these investigations will play a crucial role in determining the truth behind these serious accusations.

Impact on Antony’s Career

Antony’s removal from the national team means that he will miss Brazil’s upcoming World Cup qualifying games against Bolivia and Peru. This is a significant setback for the player, who has made 16 appearances for the national team, scoring two goals during his career. If found guilty, his professional career and reputation could be irreparably damaged.


The allegations of domestic abuse against Brazilian soccer player Antony have raised concerns about the behavior of professional athletes outside of their respective sports. As the investigations unfold, the truth will hopefully emerge, shedding light on a complex and troubling situation.


1. What are the specific allegations against Antony? Antony’s former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, has accused him of threatening to throw her out of a moving vehicle, headbutting her, punching her in the chest, and attempting to assault her with a glass bowl.

2. How has the Brazilian football confederation (CBF) responded to the allegations? The CBF has removed Antony from the Brazilian National Team pending a thorough investigation to safeguard the alleged victim and ensure justice is served.

3. What is Antony’s response to the allegations? Antony denies all accusations and insists that the evidence will prove his innocence. He acknowledges a tumultuous relationship but maintains that he never engaged in physical aggression.

4. What is Manchester United’s stance on the allegations? Manchester United has not provided an official statement regarding the allegations against Antony, remaining silent on the matter.

5. What is the potential impact on Antony’s career? Antony’s removal from the national team could have a significant impact on his professional career and reputation if he is found guilty of the allegations.


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