Dwyane Wade's Emotional Revelation

Difficult Conversation About Child

Dwyane Wade recently discussed a challenging conversation he had with Gabrielle Union about fathering a child with another woman. 

The child, Xavier Zechariah Wade, was born during a break in their relationship in 2013 with Aja Métoyer. 

Wade initially attempted to end his relationship with Union, believing it was the best course of action 

He tried various approaches to break up but Union persisted in their relationship.

Eventually, Wade had to have a difficult conversation with Union about the situation. 

Wade acknowledged Union's support during this trying time. 

By December 2013, they reconciled and got engaged, later getting married in 2014. 

Although they've moved past the issue, it still affects them emotionally. 

Union wrote about the experience in her memoir, "You Got Anything Stronger?" published in 2021. 

Wade is concerned about the impact of the situation on his son, Xavier Zechariah Wade. 

Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union  

Dwyane Wade's Emotional Revelation

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