East Coast Braces for Nature's Fury: Tropical Storm

Warning Sparks Weekend Alarm!

The National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning for portions of the East Coast, including North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic region. 

A developing storm, currently known as Potential Tropical Cyclone 16, is set to bring severe weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, rip currents, and coastal flooding. 

As of now, the storm is off the east coast of Florida with 35 mph winds, but it is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm as it approaches the North Carolina coast. 

Depending on the timing of its naming, the storm could be called Ophelia or Philippe. 

The tropical storm warning spans from just south of Wilmington, North Carolina, to the Maryland-Delaware state line.

Tropical storm-force winds may hit North Carolina as early as Friday, with the storm moving into the mid-Atlantic on Saturday. 

A storm surge watch is in effect for parts of the coastline, with up to 4 feet of surge possible from Surf City, North Carolina, to the Virginia Tidewater. 

As the storm becomes more organized, heavy rainfall is expected in the Carolinas, Virginia, and parts of New England throughout the weekend. 

These strong winds, combined with saturated ground, may lead to property damage and power outages. 

Coastal flooding is also a concern, particularly in areas from North Carolina to New Jersey, as the storm moves northward. 

East Coast Tropical Storm

Braces for Nature's Fury

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