G20's Diplomatic Dance  Ukraine, Unity, and Economic Rivalry 


The G20 summit in New Delhi took place on September 9, 2023, where world leaders discussed various global issues. 

While the leaders managed to agree on a joint statement addressing climate change and economic development, they did not explicitly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 


Diplomats faced challenges in crafting the statement's language regarding the Ukraine conflict, reflecting divisions within the G20. 


US President Joe Biden aimed to garner support for Ukraine during the summit and promote American investment in the developing world. 


The joint declaration acknowledged the situation in Ukraine and urged all states to refrain from using force for territorial acquisition. 


The declaration also expressed opposition to nuclear weapons and highlighted the economic impact of the war. 


The statement acknowledged differing views and assessments of the Ukraine situation among G20 nations.


The United States praised the statement as a significant milestone but noted it differed from the previous year's G20 declaration, which strongly condemned the war in Ukraine.


Russia and China resisted stronger language in the statement, making consensus challenging, as both are G20 members.


Ukraine's Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment with the declaration and emphasized the importance of Ukraine's involvement in discussions about its situation at international forums. 


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