Lionel Messi, Inter Miami star exits early

you won't believe!

After a two-week hiatus, Lionel Messi made a dramatic return to the pitch, sparking excitement among fans. 

Unfortunately, Messi couldn't complete the game, leaving just before halftime due to an old injury concern. 

Inter Miami's coach, Tata Martino, expressed caution about Messi's injury, ensuring his safety. 

Inter Miami faces a grueling schedule, with six matches in 17 days, including the U.S. Open Cup final. 

Messi showcased his aggressive style, particularly in the first 30 minutes, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. 

Messi made three attempts at goal, but couldn't find the back of the net. 

Fans were thrilled to see Messi in Inter Miami's starting lineup, but questions arose about his playing time. 

Robert Taylor played a key role in Inter Miami's 4-0 victory against Toronto, scoring two goals in the match. 

Inter Miami's playoff hopes remain alive, but they face a challenging road ahead with eight games remaining in the season, including the U.S. Open Cup final. 

Lionel Messi, Inter Miami star exits

Miami triumphs over Toronto FC in a 4-0 victory 

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