Taylor Swift's Google Puzzle Campaign

for 1989 (Taylor's Version)

In a bid to engage her fans, Swift has launched an interactive puzzle campaign as part of her promotional plan 

She has teamed up with Google for this campaign, utilizing the popular search engine's platform. 

As part of the campaign, Swift has introduced a series of word puzzles related to her 1989 album.

To participate, fans need to search for "Taylor Swift" on Google and then click on the blue vault icon that appears. 

Google has revealed that there are a total of 89 puzzles for fans to solve, a number likely chosen for its connection to the album's title, "1989." 

Google has set a milestone: once 33 million puzzles have been completed worldwide, Swift's vault will be unlocked. 

The unlocking of Swift's vault is expected to reveal the tracklist for 1989 including From The Vault songs. 

"From The Vault" songs are unreleased tracks that accompany Swift's re-recorded albums & have generated excitement among fans. 

Swift shared a teaser video on Instagram, hinting at one of the unreleased songs, sparking speculation about its title among fans. 

Taylor Swift's Google Puzzle Campaign

Taylor Swift's  1989 (Taylor's Version)

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