US Government Shutdown's Hidden Impact

Economic Data in Limbo: 

The publication of critical U.S. economic data, including employment and inflation reports, may be indefinitely delayed in the event of a government shutdown. 


This suspension of economic reports would affect various government agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, leaving policymakers, investors, businesses, and the public in the dark. 


Congress has been unable to pass spending bills to fund federal agency programs for the upcoming fiscal year, increasing the likelihood of a government shutdown. 


During a shutdown, the Bureau of Labor Statistics would cease program operations, leading to the non-release of reports like the September jobs report and the Consumer Price Index. 


The Labor Department's monthly employment report, scheduled for release on October 6, could be impacted by the shutdown, as could the CPI report due on October 12. 


Unlike the previous government shutdown, which did not affect certain agencies, this shutdown would halt the publication of various economic data, including unemployment insurance claims. 


The Census Bureau's services would also cease during a shutdown, causing delays in key data releases, such as retail sales, housing starts, and new home sales reports for September. 


Depending on the shutdown's duration, the release of the first estimate of third-quarter GDP, scheduled for late October, could be delayed. 


Reports related to durable goods orders, advance economic indicators, consumer spending, income, and inflation data, closely monitored by the Federal Reserve, would likely be impacted. 


The Federal Reserve, as a self-funding agency, would continue to release data and reports, maintaining its vigilance over inflation and the economy. 


US Government Shutdown's Hidden Impact

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